Must Have Kitchen Tools – A Mandoline Slicer

Anyone who cooks regularly knows, how difficult and time consuming is to slice vegetables with ordinary kitchen knives. And to slice vegetables in equal thickness and shape, you need to be really an expert. But as in any other fields, not everyone is expert in cooking and not all can spend lot of time for preparing foods. To save your considerable amount of time and to prepare a delicious looking meals for your family, you need some kind of gadgets or tools in your kitchen. The most effective solution for slicing or cutting vegetables is to buy a mandoline slicer. A mandoline slicer slices almost all types of vegetables and fruits with amazing speed and more importantly it slices the vegetables with uniform thickness that looks perfect in shape for presentation. A mandoline slicer is also good for slicing potatoes to make french fries, though not all slicers are good for making french fries. You need to buy a mandolin potato slicer that is design especially for slicing potatoes.
Mandoline Slicer

Different Mandoline Slicer Brands

Since mandoline is such an effective tool that make life in kitchen so easier and faster, its in great demand. There are many company that manufactures different models and type of mandoline. But not all brands and models are good, some are poorly design especially unknown brands are bad in providing safety features. The good brands of mandoline slicer include OXO, Borner, Benriner, Kyocera and Cuisinart. If you’re really seeking to create uniform paper thin with an inch in thickness, quickly and easily, mandoline slicers from these brands can be. Why wrestle lowering your ingredients with kitchen knives when it’s easily feasible to apply of this merchandise easily.
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Helpful Guideliness To Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the room and used by every member of the house daily. Lot of time is spent in kitchen whether for cooking, washing utensils or for eating meals. A kitchen is a complex room as so many equipments and appliances need to be kept in it, beside there are whole lot of cooking and eat utensils. Because of so much importance, a kitchen need to be well organized to make it efficient. A well planned kitchen not only look beautiful, but also its organized in such a way that every appliances and utensils are easily accessible. But how will you organize the kitchen? where to start?. These are the questions people usually ask, they just don’t know how to start.
Kitchen Design
Below are some of the guidelines that you should follow to make your kitchen organized and safe. These guidelines is an ideal layout solutions to your kitchen concerns from door clearance to storage space.

  • Door/Entry: A doorway to kitchen should be at least 30 inches wide. The wider entry door make it easier to move in and out with any appliances
  • Door Interference: The entry door should not interfere with any kitchen appliances, nor should appliance doors interfere with one another.
  • Distance Between Work Centers: An ideal kitchen has three work centers, they are storage center, cooking center and cleanup center. The sum of the distance between these centers should not exceed more than 26 feet.
  • Separating Work Centers: No two work centers should be separated by a tall appliances like refrigerator or a pantry cabinet.
  • Walkway: The width of a walkway should be at least 35 inches.
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