My New Android Programming Adventure Starts Soon!

Another post! I’m excited to be back here but I don’t have much time to talk to you all.

So recently I got offered position to teach android programming for beginners and I happily took it!

I had been thinking about taking the programming teacher’s job for a while now and I finally took the jump and did it.

The job has me traveling abroad and teaching live webinars like this one for android programming:

To be brief I had to update you all about this crazy development in my life as it is a huge break for me and my family (they can travel with me too!)

I love taking on new opportunities and new adventures, especially ones that let me do what I love: programming android!

I will continue my other projects on the side, but I’m really going to hammer down on my improving my android skills since I’ve gotta teach it!

Until next time my loyal followers!

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Why I Think Online Courses Are So Crucial To Learn Programming

It is very hard to learn how to code as a beginner because there are so many avenues you can take on your path to learning.

You can learn java, php, javascript, CSS, HTML, and so much more.

This can be a very frustrating experience or one of the biggest growth experiences of your life depending on how you do it.

Here are some tips I have on online courses and how they help you learn programming faster.

Videos Are Easier To Learn From

Videos are a great way to learn while you sit back and relax.

You are also learning on the same place you code…your computer.

Videos can be sped up or slowed down so you can learn java online fast without stressing yourself over a structured course or class.

This made my life 100% easier when I started out because I could learn from a teacher anytime, anywhere, at any speed!

Recently, before I wrote this article I reached out to my great friend about this topic and he showed me this video:

He learned from team treehouse which is not where I learned but he had the same great learning experience.

Learning programming online is effective and works!

Another great thing about learning online can be found if you delve into the courses them selves.

Some courses break down a complex topic into “tracks” you can follow for the biggest benefit.

As a beginner it’s hard to break down a topic you don’t know a lot about and learning tracks help a lot (Treehouse has them)

Here is a video my friend made demonstrating them:

These are great because it segments a topic into digestible chunks and tasks.

I highly recommend you consider learning coding online.

You can learn a skill that can net you $100,000 per year easily after 1-2 years of good study.

Such a great return on investment especially if you like it.

So take the step today and invest in yourself!

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A little about Java tools for the common programmer

Tools Used In Java programming…

Tooling is important and with out mastering the absolute minimum, you received ever have the ability to name your self a productive developer.

We’ll start with the IDE. Are you an Eclipse fan or a devoted IntelliJ concept person? either manner, learn the shortcuts, discover ways to separate the configuration so you may be effective on any setup in a be counted of mins. gaining knowledge of the functions of your IDE can show you ways the IDE builders pictured you the use of it. this will train you plenty, for the reason that typically IDE builders are absolutely smart folks. Even better, look at some IDEs and choose your favored based for your real experience, in place of prejudice or peer stress.

when you have figured out which IDE to use, spend time studying to command your build device. pick out your single most critical project and learn about the build gadget that powers it. probabilities are, it will likely be either Maven or Gradle. if you have the liberty to pick out, select Gradle. It’s newer, more bendy, and the studying experience will be a lot extra a laugh. you may easily learn about Maven, and its intricacies, later, in case your life throws you into an agency task.

additionally, examine more than one tricks and guidelines approximately a present day model manage device, say git. You don’t always need to realize a way to give an explanation for all feasible git commands in phrases of the ‘rebase’, but know-how multiple traditional workflows is critical. those can encompass merging commits, branching appropriately, squashing commits into one and writing clear dedicate messages. This short listing will bring you a long manner.

there are many approaches in which tools can assist software development and you should be aware about their life and the opportunities they provide at least. Static code analysis tools will help look after the fine of your code. continuous integration servers will crunch your exams and code insurance gear will display how complete your check suite is. additionally, find out about profilers so that you admire overall performance engineering and care approximately how hastily your code executes.

There are even greater tools that you can gain from using, when you have a second, take a look at out JRebel for reloading code adjustments instantly at some stage in Java development and the light-weight Java profiler — XRebel, these are advanced by using the ZeroTurnaround group, that is us, but they’re definitely cool, don’t omit out. And by way of the manner, if you opted for the use of Eclipse, check out the Optimizer for Eclipse plugin which could increase it’s overall performance and beautify the revel in a piece. haven’t any fear, IntelliJ idea customers, you may also attempt optimizing your IDE by means of the usage of the Optimizer for IntelliJ concept plugin.

Tools are an intergal part of learning to program for any language. In future posts we will get introduced to sites that demonstrate these tools and teach java development really well. Until Next time!

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4 Facts About Programming Java You May Not Have Known

Here are some facts I just though of that you may not have known about Java programming!

Java is a relaxed language.

Java packages are used in networked/disbursed environments. due to the fact Java packages can migrate to and execute on a community’s diverse structures, it is vital to protect these structures from malicious code that would spread viruses, scouse borrow credit card facts, or perform different malicious acts. Java language functions that guide robustness (like the omission of guidelines) paintings with protection capabilities including the Java sandbox protection version and public-key encryption. together these features save you viruses and different dangerous code from wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting platform.
In idea, Java is relaxed. In practice, diverse security vulnerabilities had been detected and exploited. As a result, solar Microsystems then and Oracle now keep to release protection updates.

Java is an structure-neutral language.

Networks join platforms with distinctive architectures based on diverse microprocessors and operating structures. You can not anticipate Java to generate platform-particular commands and feature those commands “understood” by means of all varieties of systems which might be a part of a network. instead, Java generates platform-impartial bytecode instructions which can be easy for every platform to interpret (through its implementation of the JVM).

Java is a portable language.

structure neutrality contributes to portability. but, there may be more to Java’s portability than platform-independent bytecode commands. do not forget that integer type sizes must now not range. as an example, the 32-bit integer kind need to constantly be signed and occupy 32 bits, regardless of in which the 32-bit integer is processed (e.g., a platform with sixteen-bit registers, a platform with 32-bit registers, or a platform with sixty four-bit registers). Java’s libraries additionally contribute to portability. where necessary, they offer types that join Java code with platform-precise capabilities inside the most transportable way viable.

Java is a performance optimized language.

Interpretation yields a level of performance this is typically more than adequate. for extremely high-performance utility situations Java makes use of simply-in-time compilation, which analyzes interpreted bytecode preparation sequences and compiles regularly interpreted guidance sequences to platform-specific commands. next attempts to interpret those bytecode instruction sequences result in the execution of equal platform-unique instructions, ensuing in a performance boost.

Weren’t these cool! This is why I love programming, anyway, let us continue to talk about more in the next post…

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Things To Keep In Mind When First Learning To Code

When it comes to learning how to code…everyone starts learning as a beginner. It is inevitable that you feel confused and that you don’t know where to start. Here are some things I’ve observed when I was a beginner that help me learn faster today.

Specializing in coding inflates the importance of finding the “right” technique…

to remedy a trouble in preference to the importance of information the problem.

before we begin running on a solution to a coding trouble we have to decide what the problem is — and if it’s in reality a hassle. If we allow ourselves emerge as fixated on how to solve a trouble thru code, no matter if it’s far a programming hassle or not, and lose sight of why, we benefit not anything.

i’ve a near pal who is a former association for Computing equipment international Collegiate Programming Contest champion from Stanford. The best thing he taught me approximately his ACM championship days was the importance of knowledge what hassle you’re seeking to solve.

You must ask your self, “Do you even have one?” and “can you apply the Feynman precept and give an explanation for it in a way that others can apprehend you?”

This buddy told me that even within the elite schools, students examine the spark off to the coding problem simplest once then immediately code.

The 12 months my buddy won the championship he found out some thing: even the ones from elite colleges dove headfirst into complex problems, with code as their most effective weapon.

in the meantime, my friend wrote his code simplest after very well knowledge the hassle. He used almost all the allotted time to consider the hassle. He did now not write code till minutes earlier than the deadline.

Don’t rush to create code…

He knew that banging out code could now not resolve the trouble, however cool, collected problem fixing would.

An immoderate recognition on coding ignores the contemporary plight of existing developers.

generation adjustments at a rapid pace on this enterprise.

just a few years in the past i used to be using objective-C; now I code nearly entirely in rapid. There are iOS developers applying for jobs right now who have in no way written a line of objective-C. speedy is less complicated to analyze, more secure, makes use of cutting-edge development paradigms and is stylish in a way that goal-C in no way was. The fact that new developers will never deal with goal-C’s deficiencies is extremely good, however it ignores the reality of the profession.

Don’t lose sight of fact at the same time as being charmed by our culture’s Silicon Valley romance.
builders are predicted to research fast, with little steerage and little greater incentive than the faint rattling of the red-slip guillotine. One should argue that this is surely one of the costs of the change. however if cutting-edge builders are frustrated or falling behind — and there’s evidence that indicates that is the case — why inspire individuals to enter such an uncertain realm?

What happens to the individual that spent night time and day reading goal-C best to be horrified by means of the rapid declaration at WWDC 2014? Do they preserve coding in what is quickly turning into the language of lesser choice, or do they start again? in case you’re a young twenty-some thing, this can pose little trouble, however if you’re looking after a family — with bills to pay and mouths to feed — the undertaking turns into Herculean.

humans in these conditions confront all of this without a stable draw close of real programming or engineering.

This is my experience of learning to code and if you avoid/follow these tips you will have no problem learning to code!

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